White Cheese Products

It facilitates the manufacturing process & overcomes completely the foam forming problems, It gives the product more homogeneity & improves the consistency of the cheese. It increases the yield of the produced cheese, it consider source of protein , Overcomes off the Whey separation problems & reduces the loss in the wight during storage. Helps in the release of compounds responsible for the distinguished flavor of this type of cheese & increase the spread ability at consumption




Product name                               Description
      Aqua Gel2
                               Stabilizers and emulsion Slightly salt “Tetra pak”.
     Star Gel D15
                                Stabilizer for white cheese (feta).
     Star Gel D46
                                Stabilizer and   emulsion for white cheese ( feta )
     M.H.S Gel
                                Stabilizer and emulsion for cheese (feta, Tetra pak).
     Star cream
                                 Emulsion for spread and white cheese (Kiri, Cream, Creamy cheese, Roomi , spread