Processed Cheese Stabilizers

Facilitates the manufacturing process & increases the melting characteristics during the cooking process & reduce the effects of browning (Millard reactions) ,Increases the ability of fat emulsification & improves fat distribution in the product ,It gives the processed cheese more homogeneity & improves the spread ability ,Raises the natural value of the processed cheese ,Increases the rich taste & distinguished flavor of this type of processed cheese.




 Product name 




Star Gel  K70
                  Stabilizer and emulsion for spread cheese( Kiri, Cream, Creamy cheese, Roomi, spread).
Star  Gel K77
                     Stabilizer and emulsion for spread cheese(Kiri, Cream, Creamy , cheese, Roomi, spread ).
A natural alternative for Turkey ( Roomi )
                                    Use in manufacturing cooked  cheese (Kiri, spread roomi)
Star Gel C55
                                    Stabilizer and emulsion for Nesto.
Star Gel C50
                                    Stabilizer and emulsion for block cheese (cheddar).
DS 500
                                    Stabilizer and emulsion for mozzarella.
Star Gel G100
                                    Stabilizer and emulsion for (brick).