New Future Food (food additives) established in 2009, beginning with few amounts of dairy products stabilizers. We succeeded in consolidating our position among the most prominent importers and manufacturers inside and outside Egypt, thanks to high quality of its products. Focus on launching our purposeful strategic initiatives, adding to this, winning the confidence of our customers, supported through the company strict with providing highly valuable products. Recently, we produce a variety of cheese’s stabilizers, vegetarians proteins and all flavors. We obtain our success through growth race from the beginning, as we started our commercial activities by manufacturing four categories of white cheese stabilizers until we specialize in producing cooked cheese stabilizers (spread), cheddar (Block), adding to this, white cheese and vegetarian proteins used in all kinds of cheese, and also all kinds of flavors used in dairy products, juices, ice cream and snacks.

Our Message

Providing our generous customers with variety of stabilizers, flavors and vegetarian protein with high quality, competitive prices with the aid of what we have already reached through criteria of quality in the company’s field.

Our Vision

New Future Food aims at providing high quality, exceeds our generous customers’ expectations, grateful of focusing on meeting customers’ needs by encouraging the spirit of cooperation and innovation among our staff in the company.